What a ride it has been…

The last few months have been, well a roller coaster ride. On this journey through my new Color me Sensible lifestyle, I have had to rediscover foods I can actually eat and what I really need to be aware of. I am very thankful for my children and my father in supporting me through this whole adventure whole heartedly. I have learned a lot about how much medication can actually affect you if you have allergy and diet restrictions. For instance, I never knew that steroid medications normally have lactic acid in them as one of their ingredients. I admit it, I learned this the hard way after having to take a round of steroids for my back. That was not a fun week, lol.

I have also learned that you need to disclose any food allergens to radiologists because their are certain contrasts and injections that they use for testing that actually contain some food allergens in them. I found this most interesting as it was the first time I heard a radiologist ask me before a test I had to do for my back if I had any food allergens. I found it odd and then inquired into it further as to why he was asking. Very  willingly he explained to me that there are certain contrasts and injections that contain lactose, soy, and other food allergens. He explained it was important to tell radiologists this information as the inflammation that could arise from the allergens can alter the actual reading of tests. I was very thankful for his help, and he was able to use other contrasts for my tests that I would not react to.


I am now facing another back surgery in the very very near future, and their is much that I am worried about. For the first time, I am worried about what I will be able to eat in the hospital afterwards while I am in the hospital. With all my restrictions I can only imagine that this will be a difficult one for the culinary team. However, I also know that I must make sure I advocate for my needs and be nice and courteous about it. I use to work as a Nutritional Chef in a hospital so I know the job is demanding, but I also found it rewarding.  I also worry about what medications and what the anesthesia will do to me with all my restrictions now. I know that they will have to inject steroids into me and this could cause me to get sick, I am hoping that they find a solution soon.

I am now ready to get back to what I love to do, which is help other people on their own nutritional journey. So lets see what we can do together!

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