When Your Friends & Family Think They are Funny

As members of the Color me Sensible diet lifestyle, we all have those family members and friends who try to make jokes about our nutrition lifestyle. Not gonna lie, I tease about it sometimes myself. More of a way to lighten the impact our Color me Sensible diets have on our life. Take my boss, for example. He loves to poke at me working at a pizza place and not being able to eat the pizzas. All in fun, of course, but nonetheless trying to be cute.

So one night, while I was at play rehearsal, he sends me this poster he found online. Not gonna lie, I was flattered that he had spent that much time trying to find something to send me…lol.. It definitely made me giggle that someone had put that much thought into this. So I just wanted to share this with you guys and maybe bring a little giggle to your day.


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