The 21st Annual Family Cafe and Governor’s Summit on Disabilities

What can I say? Another amazing Family Cafe!

I cannot express enough how amazing it is that we have this wonderful conference every year right here in the State of Florida. It is an amazing opportunity for parents, families, caregivers, medical professionals, teachers, and so many more to get together and join forces. Companies from all over the state come and share their wealth of information in order to help families no matter what their needs may be. The conference is packed with informational sessions and opportunities to connect with state agencies and professionals in the fields. The sessions are geared towards answering questions that are important and hardest to navigate in the system, so they can find as much help as possible.

The conference is not just all learning and taking notes. There are so many fun filled activities to go with it! Every year The Family Cafe features performances from The Pyramid Players, Royal DJs, Brazilian Voices, FRIENDS Choir, and Chance 2 Dance Inc. These are all organizations that encourage, inspire, and help individuals with disabilities spread their wings in the creative world. It is always wonderful to see the smiles on their face as they perform these amazing numbers.

In the exhibition hall, attendees are also treated to an opportunity to do obstacle courses, archery, catch fish, and many more activities that are all designed specifically to accommodate individuals as needed. One of the favorite go to spots is the Sensory room. It is a wonderful setup designed to allow kids a place to calm down sensory wise. This large room allows parents a chance to see what are some possible options for their children or loved ones when it comes to sensory calming.

As you can see, my son loves to check out the Archery station. He is getting pretty good over the years. Maybe one day, he can catch something for real… lol…

At the Governor’s Summit on Disabilities, I got the opportunity to speak with Senate President Bill Galvano. I had to opportunity to speak with him concerning several issues concerning disability issues for those with chronic pain and access to medications and employment. I look forward to speaking with him in the near future and discussing it further.

On Saturday, we were treated to a keynote address from Bill Klein, star of TLC The Little Couple. He told the crowd the story of his wonderful relationship with his wife and adopted children. He also spoke of the importance of understanding that you should not let your disability hold you back from your dreams. It was an amazing speech and I was humbled and honored to meet him.

Saturday afternoon brought me to my presentation and the opportunity to share my knowledge and passion about Food Allergies and Sensory Diets to this wonderful conference. I packed up all my materials, got my door prizes together and headed off! Although admittingly, I was quite nervous, the presentation went really well! The room was full of amazing individuals full of wonderful questions and lots of energy! I could have honestly spoke with them for hours…lol…

Thanks to the generous donations of Enjoy Life Foods, I was able to pass out some great information, samples, and coupons to those in attendance. It is thanks to amazing companies like Enjoy Life Foods that those with food allergies are able to snack and eat freely.

This year’s Family Cafe was an amazing experience! I truly hope that i get the chance to present again in the future! I enjoy spreading the word and helping to educate people on the ways of eating an allergen-free lifestyle. Until next time, keep posted and see what I am up to next!


    1. I absolutely love that I know I can get any of their products and I won’t have any allergy issues. It is such a relief for me. The variety Enjoy Life has gives me so many options.

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