Emergency Preparedness

Living in Florida, I have become accustomed to an occasional disastrous hurricane here and there. No big deal, right? When I was younger, I lived through Hurricane Andrew in Miami and witnessed devastation first hand. The one thing I knew growing up, was to watch the weather channel and always be prepared for hurricanes. This … Continue reading Emergency Preparedness

Stir Fry for All

If you had to ask me what I thought was the most versatile food on the planet, my answer would have to be stir fry. The whole concept is just amazing. You take some meat, veggies, seasonings, and mix them together and serve them on whatever vessel you desire. The versatility and flexibility that stir … Continue reading Stir Fry for All

Preparing for our Trip to the Cafe

Next weekend our family will once again travel to the Annual Family Cafe Disabilities conference. We make sure to go there every year in order to reconnect with other families of special needs and learn more information to help us in our daily lives. This event is truly an experience for our family. It allows … Continue reading Preparing for our Trip to the Cafe